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Application for a place at the Enterprise Business Summer School

Please make sure that you are committed to attending this course, before making this application.  As there are limited places available, should the course be oversubscribed a selection process will be implemented based on the information given on this form.  Applicants receiving notification that they have a confirmed place on the course will be required to pay the course fee via the University of Surrey online store to secure the place offered.

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It will help us to plan activities, and identify quests for the networking event if we know a little more about you. Please respond to question A, B or C in no more than 50 words

A:  If you are still identifying possible entrepreneurial opportunities, including the commercialisation of research  – what ideas are you currently considering?



B: If you already have an idea and are beginning the process of starting an enterprise, please give a brief overview of the idea and where you are in the process of taking this forward?



C: If you have already started a company, please give a brief overview.



  1. Why do you wish to attend the Enterprise Summer School? (*)



  1. What do you feel you can contribute / offer to other students? (*)



About School

The Enterprise Summer School has been running since 2007. Each year we have a great line up of guest speakers from various industries to give talks and run workshops on numerous topics.

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None of this would be possible without you. We need your ideas, your enthusiasm and your thirst for knowledge. Please tell us about the type of information, skills and events you would like to be included in future Enterprise Summer Schools.

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