Empowering Girls To Embrace Careers in Technology Sector

The technology industry is largely dominated by men where just a few women survive. Women are educated in the sector too this is the reason why Faz Aftab who is the director of ITVs online commercial has asked the firms in the sector to empower women. This can be done through internal support channels or networks and also move to the grassroots level in schools and educate young girls to endorse careers in technology where they can secure jobs as their fellow men counterparts. Aftab said this during an event organized by Rice where she also approached the group’s chair Sadie Groom and talked about how the sector can implement to support women through network support.

A previous report carried out last year revealed men dominate the broadcast technology, and only 2% of the CEOs are women in the entire industry. One mother of three daughters suggested that the efforts should start from the grassroots level so that the girls could have a strong foundation. The current exposure in schools is not adequate, and she added that the Inspiring the Future volunteers do a great job in connecting schools and colleges with female role models who have thrived in the industry as a motivation. Most of the women who have picked a career in technology has fallen to this booming economy known as digital, and we need to it everyone it exists.

She goes ahead to reveal a story of an event where she met a 14-year-old girl studying in London who was discouraged by her teacher to take maths as a subject but stick with art telling that a girls brain was not meant for maths. She got puzzled and asked the girl about her phone, and she realized her favorite apps were Instagram and Snapchat. During this conversations, she asked the girl about the interface of these apps and found that the girl had brilliant ideas about graphic design. If such a girl could have been given the opportunity, she might have done well in designing user-friendly interfaces, and this is where the society fails when having a negative notion about girls.

The team working at ITV falls short of designer experts such as the skills the girl above had exposed. This is one of the reasons why Aftab decided to promote women in the technology industry and set up the internal network at the broadcaster which enables stakeholders, colleagues and women learners across the industry have a forum where they can meet, inspire and share the knowledge together. The group feature practical workshops and tentpole events and is gaining popularity at the highest rate and covers non-tech roles too boasting over four hundred and fifty members.

The returners programmes bring back positive news and Aftab revealed that they have the confidence that the networks will play a huge role in empowering women. They also organize other events such as breast cancer screening sessions and forums for discussing millennial challenges. Aftab urged women to embrace the ideas and act during this event which was held at Akamai headquarters in Air-street where they launched the support networks. She added the efforts of a single woman would lead the rest to realize their capabilities and talents.

The Rise was relaunched last year and welcomes both men and women in technology roles within the broadcast industry. Other events will be organized, and the first one will be NAB which will be held in Las Vegas in April and at TV Connect in May. This is a renewed group which was previously known as the Females in Broadcasting. They have started a similar Asian network with the aim of collaborating and bringing more people who have the similar goals in the tech industry and from similar sectors to share ideas, skills, knowledge and success stories while finding the best way to promote these efforts.


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