IT Skills Development in the UK Workplace

The IT labour market is continuously growing and for this increased demand the IT employers are struggling to fill up the vacancies. The technology sector is changing fast too. Some popular skills become out-dated while some new ones emerge to replace them. This development often creates a shortage of employees who are sufficiently qualified with the latest skills.

So, whether you are an already established IT professional or aspiring to be one, you have to keep up with the new and emerging techs. In the last year, this sector has seen the rise of some skills. If you want to know more about those skills and how can they help you, here are those key skills that you have to master to make a good IT career in future:

#1: Devops

These days, the devops skills are quite in demand. According to a report, there is a remarkable increase in the range. About 26% of the practitioners, this year, in the United Kingdom has come in £57,000 to £76,000 range. It is 17% more than the last year. (Currency is directly converted from $USD). In Ireland and UK, about 49% of DevOps managers and practitioners have earned between 39,000 and 78,000.

#2: Kubernetes

In the latest survey, it has been noticed that the demand of Kubernetes skills have largely grown by 8 times in the last 2 years. The Kubernetes skills appear in the job advertisements more than develops or the DevOps engineers. It has become one of the 250 most desired skills for IT sector in the UK. The average salary for 6 months for the jobs with Kubernetes in the job description was about £65,000. But according to a security lead, the main danger lies in the rush to achieve the business advantages which may outperform the awareness for the security risks in IT sectors.

#3: Big data analytics

According to the reports by the developer portal Stack Overflow, there is a surging demand in the last year for the AWS skills all across Ireland and UK. This also made a popular cloud computing platform to jump from the 12th position to the 5th one gaining the 10.3 percent share of the skills. The AWS is now the 5th most popular IT skill, globally. The AWS proficiency is the cloud computing skill which evolves to be quite in-demand in 2019.


With so many IT skills emerging, these days, the most popular one is the cloud computing skills followed by AI in the second. The third most import skill is the analytic. AI or the artificial intelligence is considered to be the future of the IT sector. Gradually, this skill is gaining more and more popularity in many parts of the world. So, if you are looking forward to grow as an IT professional or want to get the job in the IT sector, then you must make sure to master these skills. These skills will be quite helpful for you in the future. Also, it can make you earn more than the rest of the IT professionals in the market.


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