Record applications for Surrey secondary school places

After the demand for spaces of secondary school education in Surrey, a total of five out of six candidates were given their first choice. According to the County Council of Surrey, about 84% of the candidates who had applied were given their first choice of school, and 94% were offered one of their top three choice schools on (March 1) Wednesday, also referred to as “National Offer Day.”

Nevertheless, both sets of figures had dropped insignificantly since the beginning of the last year. The amount applying for secondary institution places in September went up by 206 to eleven, 338 enough to complete almost seven extra classes. Figures from the county council show:

1. 83.7% of the total Surrey candidates were offered their first choice school as compared to the 84.5% last year,

2. 93.9% of the total Surrey candidates were offered one of their top three preferences as compared to the 94.6% of the previous year.

3. 11,338of the total Surrey residents applied for secondary school places up 1.9% as compared to 11,132 of the last year.

4. All Surrey students who needed a place in secondary got one.

Surrey County Councils cabinet member for schools, Linda Kemeny, said that educational and skills were used to select the students. He also added; in a year when we processed a record number of secondary school candidates, were pleased we were able to provide five out of six Surrey students the school of their choice.

There is also a rise in demand for the secondary level vacancies in Surrey following an increase in original numbers, but despite this pressure, we have offered 94% of Surreys students one of their top three choices and all those who applied for a place were given one.

In the next five years, we require an additional of 11,000 empty places all across the secondary and primary school. However, we are facing a lot of financial difficulties keeping step with increasing demand which is why we are continuing to highlight the need for a fair deal on funding.


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